Who is Noobs Revenge?

Noobs Revenge is comprised of people from all over the globe. We are people from all walks of life...students to retirees, business professionals, law enforcement, bartenders. We've all come together to have fun playing games online, and, somewhat recently, playing paintball together. Most of our members, currently, are people who were with us during the Gaggle Of Noobs period.

What does Noobs Revenge do?

Noobs Revenge play a variety of games together, mainly Nexon's free-to-play first person shooter, Combat Arms. Some of us play paintball, both on the east coast as well as the west coast. We currently have our sights set on Supergame in May, 2014...the largest paintball event on the west coast. Last year's Supergame had over 1200 players from around the world!

So Noobs Revenge? Gaggle Of Noobs? What the heck do you go by?

Gaggle Of Noobs was the brainchild of a Combat Arms player named "noobsrevenge". The name came from *him*, and despite someone else recently filing a federal trademark on the name to further try to cash in on the excitement the group brings, *noobsrevenge* is the one that started the idea of just getting people together to have fun. No pressure, no trying to achieve the top score...none of that. This is, at the core, what we've always stood for, and it's unfortunate that some people have lost sight of that. So, in honor of this player, we've named our new group after *him*. I'd like nothing more than to meet up with him and show him what his idea for a simple group in Combat Arms has become, 5 years later.

It also has the nice side-effect of helping to avoid any unpleasant legal entanglements with money-hungry drama queens who seem hell-bent on tearing apart any good will we've built in the past.

What's different about Noobs Revenge? I can play with anyone.

Quite true. However, we pride ourselves not on who has the high score, or who does the best, but by how much fun we have. How loudly our Teamspeak channel is with laughter and people having a good time. With how mad we make the people who take games far too serious when we show up and have our own brand if silly hijinks. We play games to have *fun*. That's it. If we get the high score, fine...but we just want to be completely silly.

Why would I want to join?

We'd like as many people as possible joining us. Anyone can have fun by themselves, but it's more fun to do it with people you enjoy hanging out with, both online and in person. Noobs Revenge strives to achieve both. We've had members drive and fly across the country *just* see/hang out with people they've played games with online. It speaks volumes for the kinds of bonds we form here, and we would love to have you, too!

Does this crazy stuff cost anything? Do I have to buy a membership, or pay or anything?

No. All costs associated with the back-end stuff is handled by a few people. We may, at some point, offer stickers and shirts and other assorted nick-knacks, but they'll be for cost+shipping. We want people running around wearing our shirts, putting our stickers on stuff, and getting your friends involved. We don't care about making a profit. We want to have *fun*, not retire on the money from merchandise.

So what's this Gaggle Empire thing? Are you related? Isn't this the same thing? They do paintball stuff there, too.

We're like distant cousins. That group was formed (including a few people from here) with ideas of taking over the world. Unfortunately, we feel they've lost the vision and true meaning of what Gaggle Of Noobs was really all about...so we've gone back to our roots. Unfortunately, part of this meant leaving behind the name we've used and loved all these years.

So what *do* I have to do to join and be a part of this wacky group of people?

You've already done the hard part...you're interested enough to come to this page and see what's here. Our requirements to play with us online are:

To join, click on the forum link to the left, create an account, and post in the group you can see! Tell us about yourself and why you want to join! If you're an old member coming back, please be sure to let us know who you are (if we can't already tell!). All registrations are handled manually to ensure we don't get spammers showing up, so please be patient...we'll be with you shortly!

Wait a sec...online? I wanna go play paintball!

Noobs Paintball is still in its fledgling stages. Currently we've got a few people out in Oregon who play, and a few in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area. There will be several of us from all over the country flying out to Supergame in 2014! We still encourage you to join our forums, as we'll be posting information about where we're going to be playing, reviews of fields and events, equipment reviews...whatever strikes our fancy.

Noobs Revenge

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