Noobs Revenge began life long ago as a Combat Arms clan known as Gaggle Of Noobs. We did incredibly crazy things like "Nade Volleyball"...players would each stand in a designated area and throw grenades towards the other area, not straying past certain points. The real fun happened when we'd do this in the middle of a game with completely unsuspecting players.

Going forward, Noobs Revenge has branched into several games. We try to find games that are both fun to play as a group and, hopefully, offer new and interesting ways we can cause mirth and merriment...not actually breaking any rules or exploiting game code, but doing things that the coders *probably* didn't intend. I mean, come on...we didn't *stop* laughing when, during one game, we didn't fire a single shot...just threw a lot of vision-obscuring smoke and ran amongst ourselves...and often between the enemies, who'd mow each other down with friendly fire.

This is just a taste of the games we're currently (as of February 10, 2014) are playing:

We're often checking out new and obnoxious games on Steam. Join us, hop in our TeamSpeak channel and see what we're doing!

Noobs Revenge

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