Noobs Revenge Paintball is a laid-back, fun way to play paintball. You don't have to have a $2000 paintball gun. You don't have to shoot $100/case paint. We don't have try-outs. We only want *you* to come play and have fun. We're interested in growing the sport as a whole and introducing more people to it, along with our unorthodox, low-pressure fun. We all want to win...but for us, it's more about playing the game and enjoying spending time with our friends, both new and old, on and off the field.

Noobs Revenge is more than a paintball team...we're a family of people who come together to have fun. We welcome anyone that's old enough to play, as long as you have the right attitude. If you're new to the game, an old veteran looking to get back into it, or someone who's been playing for so long that markers like the Nelspot brings up fond memories, we want you! Come join us wherever we're're welcome to play with us!

Noobs Revenge

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